Picture This

Picture This: The Kiss at the Worthing Dome

Picture This: The Kiss at the Worthing Dome

In my ‘Picture This’ series I focus on an individual image, or series of images, and explain why I like it.

Worthing Dome wedding

It was quarter to seven in the evening at Sophie and Andrew’s wedding in the Worthing Dome, West Sussex, on a very warm day last summer. There were a few moments of calm between the wedding breakfast and the first dance, and most of the guests were sipping their drinks out on the large terrace and enjoying the cooling sea breeze and views over the English Channel.

I was with them on the terrace capturing some of the animated conversation and laughter. There’s always a release of energy after the wedding breakfast and speeches, and an excitement about the evening to come. It’s a great time to make documentary wedding photography, especially in the soft evening light.

I turned away from the chattering guests and saw, through a tiny crack in the door, that Sophie was on her own sitting feeding her baby. I knew that the colour of the door would make for an interesting ‘frame within a frame’, so I just waited and kept my eyes open. A minute later I noticed that Andrew was wandering over to Sophie. Tired but happy, they smiled at each other and exchanged a few words – perhaps their first moment of quiet all day. I waited some more…and then this. It can’t have lasted for more than half a second, but to me it tells a story, not just of their special day, but also of what joys and responsibilities they have ahead of them.

Documentary wedding photography

One thing I like about real documentary wedding photography (and I think my clients like too) is the freedom to interpret what is going on and tell a story in the hope that it stirs the emotions and rings true with those that were there.

I hear people often ask what makes a good picture. For me, there are three main elements. First, it has to carry the weight of an emotion or story that draws you in. Secondly, it must be interestingly composed, and finally it should hint at something that’s not in the picture. I think this picture does all three. Or more importantly, I hope you think it does. Of course, it helps to have such a relaxed and trusting couple like Sophie and Andrew to photograph for a whole day!

If you’d like me to tell the story of your special day, I’d love you to get in touch.